5 Important Trends in Healthcare

  • First I asked around in my circles about a good doctor; I got recommendations, some of them conflicting;
  • Then I called a few of them up — after 30 mins listening to various versions of the same music, I managed to get a booking — 3 weeks from then, at a time that was inconvenient but manageable. (The back and forth about time and address over the phone was cute — a flashback of sorts, to the olden, kinder days when the telephone ruled supreme);
  • On the day of the booking, I crossed town and showed up a few minutes early; I was handed several sheets of paper and a pen, to fill up my details.
  • After another 30 mins wait, I was called in.
  • The doctor looked at what I wrote down, frowned, asked two quick questions, mumbled something and gave me a referral to a lab — I was out of their office in 10 mins, tops;
  • On the way out, I agreed on a day for the follow up visit, and paid a small fortune for the whole thing;

Healthcare: The UX sucks

System Failure

  1. Those who get enriched; and
  2. Those who get screwed.

A Time for Change

1. Telemedicine will go mainstream;

2. Direct to Consumer (DTC) Health

3. More rapid iteration in health.

4. Increase role for AI and data-based diagnostic and treatment

5. Healthcare as a service



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Iulian Circo

Iulian Circo

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