Loads has been written on how Covid19 is accelerating the inevitable disruption in healthcare. The crisis has caught us unprepared and exposed the fatal flaws of our system. Then, social distancing has put additional pressure on the virtualization of services that have always been regarded as “in person”.

Like everything…

For entire generations we have operated with the idea that healthcare is a hard, complex thing, best done by highly trained, well paid specialists using complex, expensive technology.

Healthcare has been the domain of clinicians, scientists and all sorts of other experts — sharpened by decades of expensive education and…

Probably the biggest-ever gain in quality of life for humans is related to improvements in productivity. And improvements in productivity have always been a function of tools and automation.

We have now more automation and better tools than ever before.

Like it or not, automation makes our lifestyle possible. Among…

Experts: bias for the status quo.

Every innovation that had a lasting impact on the world has been in a form or another a direct and fundamental challange to the status quo.

Also, before any innovation can reveal its actual impact on the world, there is a point when people get exposed to it and start…

Even as I am celebrating yesterday’s news that Pfizer may have developed an effective Covid19 vaccine, I thought this would be a a great time to reflect on the challenges ahead and on the things we can learn from other epidemics.

As it happens, I have spent a significant part…

Innovators gonna Innovate

I have spent a big chunk of my life among innovators. Most of them are ridiculously predictable in their mistakes .

There is one mistake in particular that every single innovator I ever worked with made at some point, yours truly included.

If you are an entrepreneur, bringing innovation to…

The Thing About User Interviews

Impact or no impact, if you are building something you need to make sure people actually care for it. It is important to remember there is a HUGE difference between these three things:

  1. People saying they want something;
  2. People saying they would pay for something; and
  3. People actually paying for…

For those who don’t know, Coinbase is a company that for the last several years has lead the charge for mass-adoption of crypto.

They have built a a businesses offering simple, easy ways for (mostly US-based) regular people to buy and hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While their approach can…

As a tech entrepreneur preoccupied with the impact of my work I love simple mental frameworks that provide perspective. One of these frameworks is the Thermometer vs. the X-Ray machine.

It helps of course that one of the products that I am working on is a public health tool, with…

A few weeks ago I went to see a doctor for a small thing. This is how the whole thing went down:

  • First I asked around in my circles about a good doctor; I got recommendations, some of them conflicting;
  • Then I called a few of them up — after…

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Full stack impact entrepreneur. 🚀

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