For entire generations we have operated with the idea that healthcare is a hard, complex thing, best done by highly trained, well paid specialists using complex, expensive technology.

Healthcare has been the domain of clinicians, scientists and all sorts of other experts — sharpened by decades of expensive education and…

Probably the biggest-ever gain in quality of life for humans is related to improvements in productivity. And improvements in productivity have always been a function of tools and automation.

We have now more automation and better tools than ever before.

Like it or not, automation makes our lifestyle possible. Among…

Innovators gonna Innovate

I have spent a big chunk of my life among innovators. Most of them are ridiculously predictable in their mistakes .

There is one mistake in particular that every single innovator I ever worked with made at some point, yours truly included.

If you are an entrepreneur, bringing innovation to…

Iulian Circo

Full stack impact entrepreneur. 🚀

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