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  • Danijel Višević

    Danijel Višević

    Climate Tech investments at Ecosia 🌳 previously Project A Ventures / German Chancellor / Krautreporter / Deutsche Welle 💚 refugees, veterans, facts, and data

  • City Light Capital

    City Light Capital

    City Light is a Venture Capital firm that invests early in impactful companies. https://citylight.vc

  • Hugh Harvey

    Hugh Harvey

    Doctor² (radiologist & academic) MBBSs BSc(Hons) FRCR MD(Res) FBIR. Clinical AI in radiology imaging and research.

  • Ariel Beery

    Ariel Beery

    An avid fan of the future and believer in human initiative to build a better world. Founder and builder of businesses to better the planet.

  • James Sancto

    James Sancto

    Co-Founder & CEO of We Make Change. We give you the power to change the world. www.wemakechange.org

  • Alvaro Perezcano

    Alvaro Perezcano

  • Botond Palkó

    Botond Palkó

    Senior Product Designer at Cognizant Softvision. Carefully handcrafting experiences since we were called Web Designers.

  • Kevin Basset

    Kevin Basset

    Founder @ Progressier, ex-VP Marketing & Maker of the Very First COVID-19 PWA

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