Product Market Fit for Impact Entrepreneurs — Iulian Circo

The Thing About User Interviews

Impact or no impact, if you are building something you need to make sure people actually care for it. It is important to remember there is a HUGE difference between these three things:

  1. People saying they would pay for something; and
  2. People actually paying for something;

Actions > words

What to do if you are early on and don’t actually have any users yet? Maybe you don’t even have your product ready and are still prototyping?

  1. Invest $300-$500 in marketing it as if it would be a functioning product. Pick ONE platform that is the most relevant for your audience and create a bunch of highly targeted campaigns. The audience profile is the secret sauce here — the better you segment it, the faster this works;
  2. Drive this demand to a clear call to action that would be consistent with your product (“Buy!”, “Subscribe!”). The landing page needs to look like the real deal. This approach only works if the people following your call to action actually expect to engage in a real transaction;
  3. Set up an automated funnel: everyone who clicks on your call to action gets taken to a page where they are told the product is not ready but will be available soon and here is a 25% discount code for being early.

Full stack impact entrepreneur. 🚀