The Seductive Reactionism of Coinbase

A Brief History of Crypto Activism

The crypto world, such as it is, is the very product of activism.

Satoshi Nakamoto the activist

The bitcoin white paper was a bomb shell. The very idea of a peer-to-peer cash, allowing irreversible transactions on the internet and not requiring any trusted institution to mediate transactions was a revolutionary, activist idea that galvanized people all over the world — yours truly included.

Does this county as activism?

Did Atlas Shrug?

I often wonder how awful companies manage to keep people? Tobacco. Oil. Who are these people who go to bed every night and then spend long days, every day bleeding for the man, knowing that their work contributes to pollution or increased the death rate in communities far away or whatever?

2020 changes everything

In 2020 we have clear evidence of a man-made impact on the environment with disastrous consequences to humanity in our life time.

Why can’t everyone just eat cake?

To be fair, it is not unheard of for wealthy people to grow out of touch with what is going on around them. Life is comfortable in the bubble and no-one enjoys to be inconvenienced in their comfort zone.

Leadership is Political

I am actually a supporter of businesses staying out of politics and focusing on their product and market (and definitely a big proponent of focus in business).

  1. They will have to increase pay to offer a clear differentiator to attract talent; and
  2. They will have to mitigate the group-think that eventually settles in an ideological “monoculture”



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Iulian Circo

Iulian Circo

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