Things the HIV Epidemic Taught me About the Covid19 Pandemic

1. Behavior > Medicine

  • understanding how the disease works and spreads;
  • in particular understanding the role of behavioral factors such as multiple concurrent partnerships, unsafe practices, beliefs and attitudes etc.
  • individual preventative & protective measures;
  • availability of commodities;
  • availability of testing at scale — finding cases early and referring to treatment has an enormous effect on incidence;
  • a shift in perception and social norms;

2. Logistics challenges grow exponential

3. Epidemics are political

4. Misinformation is real

5. Politics and misinformation are a dangerous combination

6. It takes more time than you think

7. People adapt

8. Collective trauma is real

9. There is not ONE solution

  • Prevention efforts combining prophylactic treatment, behavioral change and thinks like male circumcision and others;
  • Wide-spread availability of testing leading to early detection;
  • Availability of affordable, effective treatment;
  • A certain level of trust in the system

10. We will get over this



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