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We tried to download the app for the Women Deliver Conference, but THIS is what happened instead

Pardon the clickbait. But I really want you to read this. Particularly if you are going to #WD2016.

I am personally not a very big fan of large conferences. Too many people. Too much information.

It is just too much, isn’t it? The madness of plenaries, side sessions and side meetings. Exhausted, jet-lagged people OD-ed on PowerPoint shuffling about to catch-up sessions with old colleagues and friends. Pitches done on the corridors to this donor or that.

I spent all my life in the field. Networking is not exactly my thing. But it needs to be done. Donors are there. Partners are there. Like many of you, I make the effort to attend for the networking opportunity.

Anyway. The first thing I did after booking my flight was to look for an (official) app that I could use during the conference — to help me with my networking efforts, lame as they may be.

Unfortunately, I did not find one. Perhaps the organizers, busy with putting together a world-class event, did not get around to building an app for #WD2016.

Not unusual at all: we speak a lot about how technology will change everything, but even while we speak about it, we fail to act on it. Maybe it is human nature. We don’t get around to doing a lot of things that we’d like to. Or maybe in our industry, we don’t feel comfortable executing on technology ideas (One word: Procurement). Or maybe we want to build the perfect solution, and perfect takes A LOT of time.

At Triggerise, we are a bit different. Technology is in our DNA. We make a point of building tech really fast. We follow the principles of continuous delivery: we build basic versions and deploy them right away. Then we debug & update continuously, based on user feedback.

So we decided to build an app, specifically for #WD2016.

AND — wait for it — we decided to reward you for using it.

We don’t do this to highlight our technical awesomeness or anything like that. We built this app because we hope it will be useful to you, if you are there to network.

Also, it is a stunt. Obviously.

A playful attempt to expose the crowd at #WD2016 to experiences we facilitate daily for people in our markets — worlds away from Copenhagen.

In these markets, life changes in an instant. A single illness can mean the difference between getting by and spiraling into destitution that can last for generations. That’s why effective efforts there call for a dynamic, user-centric approach that introduces powerful incentives to help people overcome barriers as they arise.

Our solutions are built around people. We believe in giving communities and small providers the power to access and deliver aid on their own terms — all while adding value back into their economies.

Many of these solutions are built around very simple concepts, such as real-time validation, rewards for positive behavior or real-time data.

Like every other organization out there, we are proud of our work and would love to show you what we do. Sure, we could point you to our annual report or show you yet another power point, poster or brochure.

But let’s be honest: it would be very hard for us to grab your attention. Not at a huge conference like #WD2016. We are too small, and we suck at beating our own drums. We don’t have the resources or the leverage or the reach to organize side meetings or events that would matter. We don’t even have a team there — just me, on a basic entry ticket, sofa-surfing in an Airbnb.

Of course I would love to tell you more, should we bump into each other on the corridors in Copenhagen. I’ll be the guy in the corner, looking lost and playing with my phone.

Download the app (Only for Android)*
Head to the app page to learn more

* I know many people in Copenhagen will have iPhones. But here’s the thing: 0% of the real users of Triggerise Products have iPhones. Most of them have very basic feature phones. The ones who have smartphones have Android devices. That is why our dev team is geared for Android.

A slightly modified version of this article was also published at Linkedin

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